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Our service

The key to good translation : the personal approach

The key to our exceptional service are our translation managers, guaranteeing that the entire translation process, from the initial enquiry to the final delivery, runs smoothly. They are on hand to answer any questions and explain the best ways to go about the translation, we always keep in mind that your needs and concerns are central.

This personal approach to project management means that the translation process is as efficient and accurate as possible. Whether large or small we always undertake translations to your exact requirements.

Whichever language combination you require, 1st Translation’s linguists only translate into their mother tongue. This aids cultural and linguistic accuracy as well as textual richness. We commit to providing the very best translations in a timely fashion at a reasonable price.

Our Translators

Over the past 50 years, 1st Translation has used only the most exceptional translators. We solely recruit specialist translators with at least ten years’ professional translation experience in their specific specialist area. We match the document to the translator, meaning that the terminology will be understood and translated in its full complexity.

Legal and Financial Translation

1st Translation has an enviable team of top legal and financial linguists, each an expert in his or her field. Due to the standard and consistency of our work and the conscientiousness and professionalism of our team we have established relationships of trust and respect with leading international institutions, banks and law practices all over the world. Our strict confidentiality policy is central to our trusted position within the industry.

Technical Translation

Specialist knowledge is the key to successful technical translation. Whether hydraulics or gene therapy, we have a wealth of experience and expert knowledge to call upon from technical specialists up-to-date with the latest advances in their field. Added to this, we make use of your existing glossaries so that you can rest assured your terminology and style objectives are met.